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Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom Flowers

Flower colors influence local temperatures on Earth. Light-colored flowers reflect sunlight, cooling their surroundings, while dark-colored ones absorb sunlight, contributing to warming in cooler areas. This interplay helps regulate temperatures across diverse ecosystems. The more varieties we grow the better able local ecosystems are able to absorb fluctuations in temperatures and water.

Amish Paste tomato seeds at lttlgrdns

Heirloom Fruits & Vegetables

The diverse array of heirloom varieties provides a rich habitat,
attracting a wide range of beneficial insects. This biodiversity supports pollination processes, enhancing overall ecosystem health; benefiting our food and the intricate web of pollinating insects essential for agricultural sustainability.


Heirloom Legumes

Some of the bean and corn seeds in heirloom libraries have been carried for generations because of their high value in nitrogen root fixing, sustainable growing, and even, once, as a form of bead-work and treasured jewelry items in Native cultures. Keep the tradition alive both for beneficial nutrition and the beauty of many of these legumes.

  • Queeny Lime Zinnias

    Move Faster (Jan 2024)

    After a year of very slow growth by growing heirlooms, starting a seed shop, proving to myself I could understand all the components of a business that I did not, its time to move faster.

    After pondering how AI, small farms, agriculture, food, and health work together, human happiness and health work together it's time to ramp this up into full gear. Starting to pitch for funding and completely commit to building this fast.

  • Echinacia Plants

    Requirements, Specifications, Build

    Time to build. Shooby, shooby, swish skairt dalang lang, skippity do.

    Isolated a few ideas about AI that could be used to help in guiding LLMs more consistantly.

  • purple tomatillo plant

    The Vision

    If it is a marketplace for people who love nature, they should spend more time in nature and building relationships with customers not fiddling with their shop and listings. They should also feel supported, the technology highly transparent so they are not guessing if an "algo" did this or that, and feel comfortable that they are welcomed to start their own business any time they want. The marketplace is a place to start, keep connected to if wanted, or start your own business from there.

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Why Grow Plants? well, it's the moment with some cabbage and water, of course and improved mental and physical health.

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