Why Grow Plants? well, it's the moment with some cabbage and water, of course.

Heirlooms Going Extinct and in Need of Growers.

Heirlooms go extinct without someone continuing to grow them. There is a reason past generations carried heirloom seeds from place to place, hill and dale, and even on ships to American, because often the qualities an heirloom has (disease and drought resistant, high-yielding, flavorful) is exactly what we need when nature is going into a cycle of extremes.

Try a few of these and grow them and see if you like them. There is more to heaven and earth than the grocery shelves. :)

Why Lttlgrdns was started.

Well, it's hot. Taking little steps in everyday life to make things just a bit better is why lttlgrdns was founded. You see, planting a garden where a lawn used to be, growing flowers in medians, just taking some time to figure out what might help cool things off a bit, is just small sharing actions, small steps that are beneficial and not overwhelming.

lttlstep: Heirloom project.
lttlstep: Building technology with AI and aligning with Nature.
lttlstep: Starting an urban farm in a small town and rehabilitating an old building.
lttlstep: vlogging and pod casts about this.
lttlstep: innovating ideas of regenerative agriculture in every day life (lawn, yard, medians, fences).

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