Startup Goals for 2024 - A garden here, a garden there

Startup Goals for 2024 - A garden here, a garden there

It's difficult to know what type of goals to set for an AI startup as the path is strewn with a lot of positives but also realistic rates of not making it to a sustainably profitable company, which means something might fail, and that is very hard to think about. I do feel a responsibility though to mention that any startup could reach it's full potential but there are a lot of unknowns along the way. I suppose the only thing a person can do is to have a lot of stamina and endless amounts of positive thoughts that something intended at the start will happen that makes it worth doing, or even, maybe there is no choice not to do it because it niggles and beckons and remains the undone thing in a life. I think it is worth it once in a lifetime to make something you wish existed, to be bold, and take on the risks to do so. Whether or not the vision a founder has at the start comes to fruition or not is the unknown, but a person still has to go for it any way and be as honest as they can along the way that there are hurdles, and it's not glamorous nor easy, but it still is necessary.

Through the years we have seen that setting monetary goals for tech startups is very difficult and moving fast is the only option in order to breakthrough ossification or even, create a few pathways that might not currently exist. With any new invention it's difficult to gauge the potential. In order to do that well, it helps to define the type of people who might want to use the technology. Yet, often in the technology world that means defining groups of people as archetypes, or personas, so that you know who you are building something for. However, with AI, and any new and novel invention, some times it is even more important to set goals, build it, and put it out there to see how people can use it and refine as you go. Given this, I think I am going to take this approach and it goes in the opposite direction of building products while working in technology companies where planning and iterating is done in-house until the product is ready. Maybe it's time for me to move fast, make it, set goals, start and see what happens. If it does not work as I intended, so be it. There really are worse things like waking up in old age and feeling like maybe that was something you should have really done. And building something is not a solo practice so I feel it is important for me to write about the potential risks of not succeeding but also goals. Though goals are some times impacted by changing landscapes, it makes sense because they can be shared, even if they change and iterate through the year, it's the start.

Technology Goals:

  1. Build. Train an AI model to function well in the space of gardening.
  2. Define repeatable tasks for the middle ware for a Marketplace.
  3. Build prototypes of a marketplace.
  4. Refine it. Develop more features and multi-modal interactions.
  5. Move faster. Meet with and work with people who know more than me.

Definition of Market:

  1. Define initial market and potentials: What, who, when, where.
  2. Define the market better through prototyping (see technology goals). This means getting the technology out there so that people can use it and iterating. 
Stretch Goal:
Employ people with degrees in Ag, Botany and Landscape Architecture for Customer Support and begin thinking about certification of gardens and what that means.

Self and Growing Goals While Doing This

1. Eat better. Exercise by gardening and hauling stuff cuz stress.
2. Create a consistent schedule.
3. Build garden paths on urban farm and add QR codes so people can scan and learn about heirlooms on the urban farm.
4. Start the heirloom plants for season and put on an automatic greenhouse timer.
5. Can and preserve more fresh vegetables to eat throughout the year because they are stunningly tasty.
6. Move and figure out how to go back-and-forth. Find developers and like-minded individuals.
7. Create more content.
8. Tend to health and wellness appointments consistently.
9. Figure out health insurance for startups.
10. Contact chefs to see if they can teach classes with the fresh heirlooms from garden.
11. Take some time to create a vision board or something that is about idealization and joy rather than only production.
12. Have more fun, seriously.



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