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Blue Beech Tomato seeds - Untreated Heirloom Open Pollinated - Come on, try it! Be adventurous.

Blue Beech Tomato seeds - Untreated Heirloom Open Pollinated - Come on, try it! Be adventurous.

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Care Guide

Uses for this Plant

Climate Adaptive Qualities

So in the battle of best-meaty-thin-skinned-less-seed-heirloom-tomato to grow for making pastes and sauces you might think year's ago it was decided that San Marzano or Roma won. Well, here's a shocker, the Heirloom Blue Beech tomato just needs some popularity to rival even those heirloom tomatoes for sauces.

Ok, to be fair, it was brought to Vermont from Italy, so perhaps it gained some of it's genetics from the Mediterranean, but as an heirloom it remains rare and not often grown yet it is very tasty and excellent in sauces and fresh. Try it and pass it on. We'll be growing more of these this summer on our urban farm, so I hope to offer plenty in the store soon. Hopefully there are just a few to go around for this Spring so people start trying them and passing them on. Who knows, maybe a popularity trend will start for this tomato and we will see it in stores some day. That would be so nice.

Packets: 10 & 20 seeds.

Directions: 6-8 weeks before last frost date in your growing zone, start tomato seedlings indoors. Once closer to planting date (no frost) harden the tomato plants and then when ready, plant in soil outdoors. Prune once the tomato reaches 3-4 feet, also support with a trellis, stake or cage to ensure the plant has support.

Maturity: 80 Days
Germinate: 7-14 Days
Planting Depth: ¼ Inch
Spacing: 24-36"
Light : Full Sun

Our Mission


We sell small batches because we think it's important to try a bunch
of different types of plants in your garden, and in your climate,
to see what is beneficial.

Our seeds are harvested fresh every Fall when we make small batches to sell. We also source fresh seeds for the year from local farmers, seed banks, and non-gmo organically grown suppliers.

• Non-GMO
• USA grown
• Open-pollinated
• Untreated (no fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, etc.)
• Tested to meet the highest germination standards



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